Vuosien haaveilun jälkeen sain vihdoin parhaalta ystävältäni sen, mitä tarvitsin…

gay love

Be ready for a very (veeery) long story and keep in mind english isn’t my first language! This is a true story that happened a couple years ago, when we were 20, but I remember it in such a vividly way because it’s been the best sex I’ve ever had.

I’m 6’3” and thin, gay, and he was a tiny bit less than 5’5” tall but extremely muscular (and straight). He did surfing, football and boxing. What I liked the most about him was his broad and muscular back, paired up with arms so strong they could hold me down to the floor despite our height differences.

I’d like to give you a bit of a backstory just so you can understand how much what happened meant to me. I met Andrew 8 years ago, back in high school, at a time where he was feeling left out by his friends and I made it my duty to make him feel happy and wanted again, and this would establish our friendship for the years coming. In less than a year, I completely fell in love with him. Exhaustingly and desperately in love with him, but from that moment until I managed to forget him, our friendship (we were best friends) was way more important for me than my feelings, so I kept it all bottled inside.

Eventually I told him I was gay, which he fully accepted and supported. Furthermore, he started to understand that my eyes were looking at him in a different way than his were looking at mine, and he kind of liked it. He always made it clear that he was straight, but some weekends alcohol would play its tricks and we ended up french kissing a couple of times, nothing serious tho.

But that led to us getting more and more closer. Sooner than later, we were sleeping together in my bed. We got confident enough in each other as to sleep in underwear. Granted, it meant a totally different thing for me, as most nights I literally couldn’t fall asleep knowing he was in underwear next to me. And finally, we ended up cuddling together, for him in a non sexual way, for me… it was the most I was gonna get and I was happy for it. I remember one night I got so horny I had to get up and change my underwear because it was all wet with precum.


When we were 18, at a quite dramatic birthday party of a friend of us, one thing led to another and we ended up in a room, me crying, and finally confessing my love for him. He held my hands, gently caressed me, and told me he already knew and that it was okay, that he didn’t care. And a couple weeks after, we had a drunk deep conversation where we stated that I was too “affectionate” for him, and that he was sometimes too cold for me, so we made a promise: I would keep it a notch down with the hugs and expressions of affection, and he would try his best to be more affectionate towards me, because we concluded we were really important for each other and we understood each other’s needs.


And that promise marked the start of a very intimate relationship. I stopped hugging him at night, only because he started big-spooning me. At this point, he started to REALLY enjoy the attention I was giving to him. Sexual remarks, flashing me with his cock, grinding with me at parties and in bed… of course I was never going to say no to all of that, but he kept making me so horny (knowingly) only to state that he was straight afterwards, and that dynamic really fucked me up.

For 4 years total, we kept this exponentially increasing intimate relationship of cuddling together and all sorts of sexual innuendos. 4 years completely and utterly in love with him, jerking off every time thinking about him. I had such a built up sexual tension towards him that it ended up getting toxic. And this is where things start getting interesting for you guys.

2 years ago. We were high and cuddling in bed together. He was asleep and I couldn’t keep it anymore. He was facing up, hugging me with an arm, and I had my head in his chest and my arm over his belly. I couldn’t sleep because of how horny I was, and I started to veeery slowly move my arm down. And down. And down. Until I felt something under the blankets. He was hard, his 7 inches cock (as he told me) was poking out of his underwear and reaching to his belly button, and I was touching it with my arm. I completely froze, I could not believe what I was doing and what was happening. 4 years fantasizing about touching his cock, and there I was. Until he moved to the side, which scared the hell out of me.

A week later, he confronted me about it. As always, he was pretty straight forward, his inquisitive brown eyes were stabbing me as he asked “were you touching my dick on purpose the other night?” I made my best to keep my cool and deny it, and he just went with it.

For a month, we stopped cuddling. And I hated it. Until one night, after a party, we were both pretty drunk and again in my bed. I was facing the wall, giving him my back, and suddenly he moved and hugged me from behind. I pretended to be asleep, but silently enjoying the weight of his arm on top of me. 10 minutes later, he moved closer. I could feel the warmth of his body behind me, his breath on my neck, and he put his hairy leg over me, making his (to my surprise) hard cock touch my ass. My heart completely stopped. What the fuck was going on? After a month of dryness, there he was, completely wrapped around me with his hard dick resting on my ass, with only our underwear as a barrier. I popped a boner in like 3 seconds, and we stood like that in silent for a long time. There was no way he was doing this while asleep, but I was pretending to be asleep so my mind kept racing “what do I do? What does this mean?”. After his confrontation I didn’t want to make a move, but I gathered all the confidence I could and pretended to move my ass back while asleep. His cock was now pressing hard against my ass, his upper body against my back, it was as if we were only one. I could feel his warmth, his breath, his weight, I was embracing his whole body pressed against mine, and my underwear was already wet. I didn’t sleep that night, and I doubt he did either, because we stayed like that til the morning when he moved and 10 minutes later woke up (or pretended to wake up).


Now I was absolutely bewildered. What the fuckin fuck did it mean? I couldn’t understand a thing. 4 years making me horny on purpose, 4 years stating again and again that he was straight, only to do that all of a sudden. I was too afraid to bring out the topic, and apparently so was he because we never talked about it.

And here comes the best sex I’ve ever had in my life (some parts I can’t remember word by word because of how drunk I was, but I remember vividly most of it):

A couple weeks later, in summer already, we were back from a party and at my house once again. He lived in a pretty far away part of the city so it was more convenient for him to come to my house and take the bus the next day. We were pretty drunk, and he opened his wallet and took out a joint. “I made this for the party, but eventually decided to save it for when we were at your house. Wanna spark it up?” I was pretty fucked up but I wasn’t gonna say no to that. We went to the living room window and he lighted it up, and we were smoking in my window when he said “hey, wanna try something new? I call this a “recycled puff””. Sure, I said. He said he would give it a puff, and then exhale it in my mouth. I got horny just with his explanation. So he did, he gave it a puff, held it in his chest, and then took me by my chin and moved me closer to his mouth. We both closed our eyes, our mouths next to each other, and he exhaled. I inhaled and then exhaled some smoke. We started laughing for no apparent reason, and decided to smoke the whole joint like that “so that we could make the most out of it”, but making sure our mouths were very close so no smoke escaped. At this time we were both pretty fucked up, and our lips were touching while doing that.

And suddenly, out of nowhere, in one of the last puffs, he kissed me while doing it. I opened my eyes in shock, and asked him what was that. He said it was just a kiss, and asked me if I didn’t like it (fully knowing I fucking enjoyed it). I told him “so this is what was behind those recycled puffs. You could just have straight kissed me and you know I wouldn’t have complained”.

“Like this?” He said, tossing the fag-end out the window, grabbing my head from behind and kissing me with such passion and force that I instantly popped a boner. My mind was racing, turning, up and down, side to side. The alcohol, the weed and the situation completely overtook me and, in 4 years, this was the first time I blatantly went for him. I grabbed his head, and we made out with passion. We were moaning as our tongues explored each other mouth, and I felt like I was gonna cum right there. We kept stopping for a second, looking at each other’s eyes, grining and making out again.

Then it all dawned on me thanks to my insecurities. We were very drunk, very very high, and this was something that never happened before. Was he doing it because of his state of mind? What if he regretted it the morning after?

“Wait, Andrew. Wait, wait, wait”. He stopped kissing me but still holding my face with both his hands. “What are we doing”, I asked. “Stop overthinking. Stop worrying. You always do that. Let yourself go, because that’s what I’m doing”. He could barely speak and that worried me. “Are you sure about this? We’re both very high, I don’t want you regretting this tomorrow”. I couldn’t believe I was sabotaging all of this myself, but 4 years of telling myself my feelings were not valid and that I should contain myself had taken its toll I guess. He kissed me wildly again and touched my hard dick briefly over my pants. “I can tell you’re loving this”. He took my hand and put it in his crotch, and I could feel he was fucking hard as well. “And so am I. What if I regret this tomorrow. What if you do. We’re enjoying it now, and that’s what matters”. His nonchalant and laid back way of thinking was one of the things I loved the most about him, and I started massaging his dick.

“Why are we doing this, Andrew” “Because I fucking want to do this for you. You’ve been over me for years. I’ve had girlfriends and you’ve always stuck with me. And I’ve been meditating recently and realized no one has ever loved or wanted me more than you. I’m yours tonight, do with me whatever you want. But understand that I can’t reciprocate it”

I could feel my heart pounding so hard in my chest I thought it was gonna explode. We agreed to go to my bed, where we started kissing again and touching each other’s cock over the pants. Now, we had been so close this whole time that, of course, we talked about sex before. He knew how I liked it, and I knew how he liked it. I had told him I liked it rough, and that I love feeling “used” as a kind of a human sex toy. He told me he was very aggressive in bed, but that he also loved intimate and slow sex at the start.

He was lying in bed, and I was on top of him. He stopped for a second, and said “undress me”. That totally drove me wild. I started to slowly unbutton his shirt, from up to down, revealing his strong chest and tanned body. We had been dancing at the party before, so he had a quite noticeable smell, which was a mix of cologne and his own body odour. I took what he said word by word, and he was doing this for me. I was going to enjoy the hell out of it. I sniffed his armpit, which surprisingly he liked because he grinned as if he were thinking “this guy really fucking likes me”. I kept undressing him by removing his shoes and socks, and then his pants. Standing there, on top of him, I took a second to look at his whole body, as he was lying there with his hands behind his head. A hairless chest, a pair of big, muscled arms, and a happy trail that led to what I wanted the most in the world hiding under his underwear. Thick, hairy thighs, and an incredibly big bulge.

He looked me right into my eyes, and laughed. “Go for it” he said, and as if it had woke up a primal instinct within myself, I reached desperately for his underwear to sniff them, burying my face in them. I took the time to smell him, it was almost as if I was worshipping him, and he started laughing again. He had a look on his face that drove me wild, it was like he knew how much I fucking wanted him and he was enjoying every bit of the attention I was giving him. I removed his underwear which let his circumcised dick free, slapping his belly. I grabbed it, and it was so thick I couldn’t fully wrap my hand around it. I started stroking it slowly (just like I knew he liked) and started massaging his balls with my other hand. He had trimmed down there specially for the night, wishing he would get lucky, and lucky me he did that because I don’t really like much hair down there.

With my slow strokes, I realized it was the first time I was seeing his hard cock. I had seen it soft before, and I touched it with my arm that other night, but there I was, making my fantasies true. I was still wearing all my clothes except for my shoes and socks, but I didn’t even notice because I was deeply focused on him. Now there’s nothing I like more than giving head, and I was committed to give him the best blow job I’ve ever done. He was looking at me with a predatory look, I grinned back at him and went in for the dick with my mouth. I put the head first, slowly savouring his salty precum. He left out a deep groan, which I took as “fuck, keep going”. I moved my tongue around it, reaching every part of it, and I slowly went in deeper and deeper.

Now this fucker knew I liked it rough, and he grabbed my head and started forcing me down as he pumped my mouth slowly but steadily. And something happened to me that has happened only once again (that same night), I cummed without touching my dick at all. I stopped and told him in awe, his eyes were wide open as if he was genuinely surprised. “Fuck. Are you that horny??” Something woke up inside him, because this is where he started getting really rough. He undressed me, my dick still hard, and he got on his knees in the bed and commanded me to suck his cock. He grabbed my head and pumped deep and fast in my mouth, while I grabbed his bubbly ass. His moans were driving me nuts. “Suck my balls” he said, and I took them one by one, consciously taking in his taste as he jerked off his dick. “Stop jerking off”, I said, “I don’t want this to end”, to which he laughed.

He then asked me if I was able to deep throat, and with a grin I moved so that my head was hanging out of the bed facing upwards while my body was lying on it. He jumped out of the bed, excitedly, and put his thick strong legs at each side of my head, tea bagging me.


Andrew was purposefully doing to me each and every thing he knew I liked, I was being used but somehow he made it feel like it was all for me. His balls were all over my face, my nose deeply between his ass cheeks, taking in his smell that drove me so fucking crazy. Then he went for it, “Open wide for me”, and with a quick move he sled all of his cock inside my mouth. I gagged, he took it out and did it again as I gagged once more. He asked if I was okay, to which I said “You’re a big boy, but you’re gonna fuck the fuck out of my throat tonight”. That got him wildly horny, “you asked for it” he said as he started to put his dick in and out of my mouth, every time he went deep my nose got buried deep in his big balls. He started moaning very loud, accompanied by lots of dirty talking (“take it all in, yeah suck my dick, I’m gonna destroy you”), and some tears started dropping down my face.

And that’s when I came again. I made him get out of my mouth just to let this guttural moan out of my throat. He was amazed, seeing how I came twice without even touching myself. I was astonished myself, and I realized then how long he was lasting (lucky me).

“If I knew how much you wanted this, I would have done it before. Enjoy, because it’s not going to happen again”. I went for a tissue to clean myself (and low key to give him time to recompose himself) and when I came back he was lying in bed facing upwards, his hands behind his head once again, just like at the beginning, and with an impish grin he told me “make me cum”. I went back to sucking him, taking all of his cock in my mouth. After a while, he said he was about to cum and asked me where I wanted it. “In my mouth” I replied, and I started jerking him off while sucking the head of his dick. He was sweating, a strong smell of sex and cock was in the air, and all of a sudden he sit up, grabbed my head and between spasms and groans he let an incredibly big load in my mouth, which almost made me choke. I savoured its taste, swallowed it, and kept sucking it until it was soft.

Exhausted, we laid naked in bed, out of our breath, and looked at each other. “That was the best blow job I’ve ever gotten”. “I’m glad. I can’t believe we just did that. I’ve never been so horny in my life”. He told me to spoon, and he grabbed me from behind, his dick resting against my ass and one of his hands playing with my hair. It was then when I realized we were not alone at home. My parents and sister were there, and they totally heard us. They would confront me the following day, telling me to never do that again with them in there but that they were glad it happened because they knew how much I liked Andrew. I was beyond embarrassed.

The morning after we woke up in the same position, looked at each other and smiled. We talked about how much we enjoyed it, and that as much as I wanted it, this couldn’t become a regular thing because it would fuck up our friendship, which I also knew and accepted. I remember that I didn’t remove my sheets for like 2 weeks, because his smell was printed in them. I would go to bed and recall the best night I had ever had, jerking off every night to the smell of him.

A year later, our friendship was broken. I think he discovered how much I actually loved and desired him, and realized he couldn’t give back to me as much as I’d like. To be honest, it was for the best, I’m very sad I lost him but all those years of built up tension culminated in the hottest sex I’ve ever had, so at least I got that.

Thanks very much for reading! I hope you enjoyed it 🙂 it was a blast to recall this experience and I definitely need to jerk off now.