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What is your story?

We are collecting material, memories and stories about what it has been like to live as a LGBTIQ person in Finland today and in the past as well as stories about the different stages of the LGBTIQ movement. You can tell about your own experiences or about someone you know or reflect on how LGBTIQ people have been portrayed at different points in time.

The collecting of the material is carried out in cooperation with the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland (SLS) and the Finnish Literature Society (SKS) to ensure that the material will be archived for generations to come.

You can participate in two different ways: by responding to the SLS questionnaire “Minorities within Minorities” (also in Finnish or English) and/or add your memories directly to the map-based Muistikko memory bank maintained by SKS. SLS gladly accepts new donations on the theme. Go to the tabs to find out more about the options for collecting material!

In the tab “The Labour Archives and The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas” you will find information about other methods of collecting material and different collections where the LGBTIQ theme is represented.

Your story is important in the effort to ensure that the LGBTIQ history of Finland will be documented for the future as well.

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