Instructions for filling the form

  1. Briefly describe how the event connects with the themes of the Finland 100 programme, i.e. working together and the history of an independent Finland. See the description of contents at the Suomi-Finland 100 website.
  2. Briefly describe how the activity connects with LGBTIQ history, themes or art.
  3. Fill in the information for the website. The boxes marked with a star are obligatory.
  4. Accessibility: Include in your proposal at least the following information based on accessibility guidelines: is there accessible entry, is there an accessible restroom, are there accessible parking spaces and is it possible to use an induction loop at the site?
  • Please mention if some of these options are lacking.
  • You can also include a link to accessibility details mentioned at the website of the venue.
  • Mention who can provide further information on accessibility questions.

5. If you want more visibility for your proposed event, please submit information on the same form in Finnish, Swedish and English (or in e.g. two of these languages)

Your Event Proposal

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