Muistikko is a service realized by the Finnish Literature Society (SKS) for the centenary of Finland’s independence in 2017. Muistikko is a platform through which LGBTIQ people can tell stories about their lives in a soon to be 100-year-old country. Besides texts you can also add photos and links to the service. You can include key words in your response – both on the LGBTIQ theme and those that describe your event. With the key words you can help others who are interested in the same topics to discover your story! We suggest that you use “rainbow memories” as one of the keywords.

Tell about your daily life – events, moments and places that are and have been important to you. Describe encounters, family gatherings, achievements, social and political action, and groundbreaking cultural experiences, in other words, rainbow-coloured milestones of your life and the places connected to them.

In Muistikko you can explore the stories of others as well. Share your experiences with them and get to know their stories. The experiences make up a part of a cultural heritage that depicts our common life in all its diversity in Finland today. The stories are permanently archived for the use of future generations.

In order to leave a memory trace in Muistikko you have to register with the service and create a screen name to which you will link your memories. Through the screen name you can respond anonymously. Only SKS will have access to your registration details and they will not be passed on the any third party.

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